Proposal Process @ UCC













Formal Proposal

Once awarded the contract, like most consulting companies, we go through staffing. That is assigning the most qualified and experienced resources to the project/solution. A  dedicated, highly specialized team of consultants is formed and a team lead is selected. This team will be responsible for the project throughout its lifecycle.

Following is on-boarding: determining and setting concrete expectations about deliverables. This keeps us and our client on track and clear about the goals.

The next step is discovery: getting to know the client and the stakeholders well enough and interviewing the relevant employees for critical information. Such a stage is crucial to develop tactics and strategies for a smooth progress for the project.

Analysis and solution follows. This phase is when the respective team sets to analyzing the data collected from the client during the discovery stage into a refined useful information. Subsequently, consultants on the team use dedicated analysis an creative thinking to arrive solutions and recommendations for potential, short-, medium-, long-term implications.

The following step is recommendation. Having done the work of refining the data to  identify shortfalls and areas of improvement, it is crucial to ensure that the client approves and implements the recommendations in order for the project to be a success. Sustainability is an integral part of the solution and hence is emphasized here.