Our Core Values

UCC is client-centered, adapting to client’s values and locale; professional -excellence-driven, striving for the best in performance and delivery; diversity-and inclusion-based, respecting differences and divergence within and without; abiding by and fostering collegiality, collaboration and cooperation through the highest standards of: integrity, trust, honesty, transparency, fair competition, accountability, positive corporate culture and team-strength.


  • To be the partner of choice to our clients and be a valuable asset to our industry and communities
  • To offer differentiated products and services that are mutually beneficial
  • To undertake and timely deliver projects we pursue
  • To provide solutions that make the world a better place for all


To provide world-class solutions to our clients’ toughest challenges, using analysis, critical and creative thinking and innovation through long term and permanent relationships and partnerships.

our people

Are the most valuable asset. They are our beating heart and the primary drive for our success. Therefore, it is vitally important for UCC to develop and hone their skills, abilities and expertise. Our clients are the focus of our operation and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal.