The process up to preparing a formal proposal













How We Do Business

UCC. While working on proposal for RFPs, our staff and management dedicate the time and effort to understanding our (potential) client’s challenge(s). Once we have  a thorough understanding of the challenge(s), we start a process of: translating our understanding into action: analyzing the challenge into its components, synthesizing, and evaluating the issue involved. This process culminates in a resolution as to the way-forward.

The process breaks into three tracks. The first involves assessment, feasibility, research, analysis, brainstorming, synthesizing, evaluating, and due diligence. The second, comprises the work plan, scope of work, course of action, and quality assurance policy. The third includes deliverables, deployment, quality control, and potential expansion of the project/solution in the future. We maintain partnership with our clients and strive to establish long-term relationships.

The ultimate outcome of this process is a competitive, award-winning proposal. We ensure that the proposal is submitted to the RFP source for consideration.